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Development Director - Guns Down America

Full Time

Formed in 2016, Guns Down America is actively building a future with fewer guns by financially draining the gun industry and its lobby and building political support for policies that will keep us all safe from gun violence.

Guns Down America believes that for far too long gun manufacturers and the gun lobby have perverted the right of gun ownership into an entitlement devoid of responsibility, creating a society where guns are easier to buy than alcohol and, consequently, putting us all at risk.

With the federal government unable and unwilling to enact tougher gun laws, GDA is activating influential voices outside of the legislative arena to help jumpstart the cultural and political change necessary to raise the standard of gun ownership in the United States.

Borrowing a page from the successful marriage equality movement, GDA is driving campaigns that convince corporations and popular American brands to lean into gun reform in order to change our national conversation about firearms. Corporate voices are able to reach the moderate and conservative audiences we need to achieve significant reform, are instrumental in changing the way society views firearms and firearm ownership, and can play a pivotal role in creating the political cover necessary for lawmakers to vote for real change.

Following this theory, Guns Down America has led large coalitions to execute successful campaigns that have forced FedEx to stop providing discounts to NRA members, drove two large insurers (Chubb and Lockton Affinity) to break their business relationship with the NRA’s Carry Guard insurance and helped push the NRA toward bankruptcy, pushed the nation’s largest banks to publicly back away from doing business with the gun industry, and convinced Walmart to significantly reduce their gun sales and begin actively lobbying for gun reform.

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